An overnight success,
15-years in the

At Kaspar, We Love to Automate, Digitize and make everyday life easier for Everyone

At Kaspar we work to convert problems into Opportunities

To prosper, today’s Organizations need synergy within the teams. We help our partners achieve this synergy through Digitization. Our ERP, CRM implementations, Data Analytics and ability to develop customized web and mobile apps give our partners the power to make the best decisions.

Let us know what problems you are facing and we will convert it into an opportunity for you.

20 +

More than 20 Live applications, that have improved businesses

1000 +

serving1000+ end users through our developed systems.

30 +
Teams working on more than 30 technologies  to develop most efficient solutions.

We Believe in the power of teams.

The power of a team in the technology world lies in its ability to combine the skills, expertise, and diverse perspectives of its members to achieve a common goal. At Kaspar we leverage each member’s strengths to innovate, problem-solve, and produce high-quality solutions for our partners. Collaborative teamwork brings creativity and enables members to learn from one another, improving individual and team performance. Ultimately, the power of a cohesive team can lead to greater success, improved efficiency, and more impactful results in the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

“Kaspar is an amazing partner providing the support till success and beyond"

Muhammad Tayyab Sabir - CEO

A team of amazing.

Asim Jibran

Director Operations/Pak

Kanza Tahir

Director Operations/SA

Ufaq Asghar

Project Manager

Armughan Ahmed

Technical Lead

Muhammad Waqas

Radio Network Planner


Data Analyst

Umer Hafeez

RF Engineer

Misbah Ayaz

Backend Developer

Umer Ejaz

RF Engineer

Zaigham Shahzad

Mobile App Developer

Muhammad Sadiq

Front End Developer

Saira Rasheed

Web Developer

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