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UI UX Design

Having a superb idea is not enough for any application to succeed in the market. You must have an exemplary user interface design for a good user experience. Through UI design, the story can be told in a new way. Our designing methodology takes into account the practicality as well as the visual impact that this design will have on end user. We design your application such that it shines bright in the ocean of Applications found in the digital world


We at Kaspar make use of latest technologies to deliver best performing web sites and Web applications. Our expertise in front-end development, back-end coding, data management and user experience management make us your ultimate choice as the partner for your web application development and management partner. Our development team collaborates with clients closely to meet all functional requirements and provide the best impact.

Mobile APPs

Development of Mobile app is not a standalone process the apps keep on evolving as market matures. We help our partners to develop through MVP to completely functional app and then stay with them for regular updates. Performance monitoring and upgrades are an essential part of an Apps lifecycle which we manage for our partners in the best possible manner. We use Cross-Platform Mobile Solutions like Flutter to create high-quality, business-centric, and feature-rich apps aimed for both android and iOS. Our Business Analysts remain in constant touch with partners to ensure that all functional requirements are met and the apps keep on getting new features to increase end user’s interaction and usability.

Data Analytics

Data is the power house of this new technology driven age. Organizations collect data from different sources both inside and outside the organization. But often this data is stored in separate systems and is not used to its fullest potential. Kaspar helps its partners to streamline Data Collection, Data storage, Data Processing workflows to extract meaningful and useful insights from this data.


Modern Software systems help enterprises to do businesses efficiently and attain growth effectively. With changing Environment and organizational policies, Organizations require software like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relations Management(CRM) to be agile, easily modifiable to incorporate changes and at the same time resilient to cyber security threats. We at Kaspar Consulting provide Software solutions to our partners for their requirements, these can be customer made , built from scratch solutions or can be made by using established platforms such as Odoo and Microsoft Dynamics365.Our business customers are out long-term partners. We delve deep to understand their business, and deliver long-lasting and effective solutions.

Cloud Computing

Kaspar Helps you build cloud based applications for both internal and external customers of your business. We help our partners in Cloud Integrations, Migrations and Management while keeping the cloud security as our top priority. Having experience on Azure, AWS and Digital Ocean cloud services, we suggest the best and most cost-effective Cloud solution to our partners based on the system requirements.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

We have a team of experienced individuals having worked on multiple Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Projects

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the application of technology to automate repeated business processes. RPA supplements your employees to do the routine tasks with more efficiency and reduced time spending. This gives more time to employees to focus on other high priority complex tasks multiplying the ROI for RPA Deployment. Over passage of time Kaspar has developed Tools to make RPA implementation easy for our partners and we have helped them save cost and increase efficiency at the same time. Are you the next RPA enterprise ?

QA and Software Testing

Our Quality Assurance and Software testing teams have proven expertise to test and validate the software by using multiple methodologies for Load Testing, regression Testing and End to End Performance Testing. We make sure that every final deployment or Migration is not only bug free but also efficient in performance. We chose the right test case for automation and the optimal set of tools and frameworks to get best ROI.


E-Commerce is expanding its foot print with every passing Day. We at Kaspar help our partners build, Manage and Promote their E-commerce solutions with utmost effectiveness. We Specialize in Shopify web solutions and built from scratch solution for both Mobile and Web Apps. Our team has done multiple integrations with Mobile payment processors indifferent countries and are ever ready to integrate more payment solutions to any e-commerce platform.

Ideas Validation and Branding

Any idea that comes to mind does not necessarily result into a product that is viable. A viable product is a mix of technology, market requirement and end user’s expected ROI. We at Kaspar Consultings work with our clients to validate the viability of any idea or product. Our experience with Software development and Marketing comes handy to our clients and they are in a position to make best decision for their product. Share your idea with us and let us be a part of your brainstorming sessions to streamline and plan the development and marketing process.

Wireless Network Design &Optimization

Our experience of working with major Vendors like Nokia, Huawei, Ericsson and Alcatel-Lucent has lent us a unique capability to understand the Wireless Network design requirements and resulting solutions. We have worked with more than 10 operators worldwide to design and Optimize their wireless networks for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G. We provide Network Planning Tools, Services, GIS services, Drive Testing Services and Network Optimization consultancy to our partner networks.


Faster issue resolution and reduced complexity.

Release Management

Faster issue resolution and reduced complexity.


Time-boxing our tasks ensures that we provide the best project efficiency.

In-depth reporting

We provide detailed information than what is available through other data collection methods.

Collaborate and develop faster

Following Agile Development methodology, we keep a constant collaboration with our partners to review and get feedback without the back and forth. It helps to